Monday, June 19, 2006

...And Continues...

more more more

...And Continues...

More to come.

...And Continues...

Will post details later.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Work continues

The next week I took Tuesday off and was able to build and mount the middle and outside beams. Instead of drilling holes into the concrete footings with a masonry bit for the bolt that could hold the bases of the posts in place, the contracter convinced me to get a Hilti, which is a popular brand name for a "powder actuated fastener."

Essentially, it's a gun that uses .22 caliber shells with no slugs, and a nail at the end of the barrel. The one I got is a single shot $20 deal but it's still pretty cool, and after fastening 7 posts to concrete I'm no longer afraid of it, but still respectful.

Next day of work

Many days of rain followed the pouring of the footings, then I ordered three cubic yards of gravel to go under the deck on top of the landscape fabric to keep an oak tree from growing up through the deck.

Then we were out of town for a week. On Memorial Day I cut and mounted the extended ledger and first notched post.

New Deck

A few months ago we decided that we'd like to have a deck on the back of the house. I said to Julie, "I think I can build that".

She said, "OK, well, the farther you get the less it'll cost to pay someone to finish."

Actually, she's been very supportive, allowing several tool purchases just for the deck building. So here's the first picture of progress. We did hire a contractor to dig and pour the footings since I had difficulty imagining myself having any fun at all digging seven holes each four feet deep then mixing and pouring 50 or so bags of cement.

New Pictures

Several people have reminded us that we're falling down on the job of posting new pics of Thomason and Natalie. Having the babies all the time we sometimes forget how few pictures find their way out of the house.

Unfortunately, I didn't have much time so I picked my current favorite and a few recent photos.